Day One

Keith Cronin finished Day One of Rally Finland just 9.2 seconds adrift of WRC3 leader Alastair Fisher.

This was after a 5th stage during which a thunderstorm cut up the course, and Keith’s car sustained damage to the steering arm. To be sitting in second place after that setback is testament to Keith’s drive and determination.

Keith, and his co-driver Marshall Clarke are focused and ready for the second day of the rally which tests every aspects of drivers’ skills over a testing course.

WRC3 Results: Day 1, Rally Finland

WRC3 Results: Day 1, Rally Finland

Day Two

Keith Cronin ended day two leading WRC3 after winning 5 out of the day’s last 8 stages. Keith and his co-driver Marshall Clarke go into day 3 with a lead of 1:34.2.

“Everything went very well today”, explained Keith. “The stages were very fast and the feeling was fantastic! There is still quite a long way to go tomorrow and although we have a good lead, we can’t afford to stroll home to victory.”


Day Three

A dramatic start to day three, as turbo problems cost Keith Cronin and Marshall Clarke 25 seconds in Stage 16. Still, after the first 4 rounds on the final day, the pair are leading the WRC3 class at Rally Finland by 1m 10.2s.

“Halfway through today and I’m taking it very, very steady’, explains Keith. “I’m hearing every squeak and rattle, but trying not to make any mistakes and hoping I don’t pick up any punctures.”

As the afternoon has gone on, Keith has retained his lead over the Frenchman Sébastien Chardonnet, and after some tense battles, Keith adds another 7.7 seconds to his lead in the penultimate stage.

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