Hi Guys. We have below the Questions and Answers that Keith was able to get through.The winners were selected randomly from those that posed a question and they are

Question 5 – Brian Ó Fhiannachta (first prize Hoody or Polo shirt)
Question 16 – Lee Miles (second prize Polo Shirt)
Question 14 – Fiona Nelson ( 3rd prize t shirt)

Could each of you please send a private message via Facebook to us and we will make arrangements with you.See the answers below

Question 1 – Ben Denny
Do you find the stress of finding funding has any effect on your performance? and that if you were in the position that you did not to have worry about funding, do you feel that your driving could progress to an even higher level?

Yes, I would say it probably does. Although, I have a lot of good people helping me find funding, it is very hard for me leading into rallies thinking how much it will cost and how I am going to find the money to pay for everything.

I would definitely say that if I didn’t have to worry about financial
constraints, I could drive with a clearer head and therefore I
believe my driving would be better.

Question 2 – James O’Sullivan
Is there anything else Motorsport Ireland could do to help?

Motorsport Ireland have been very helpful to me this year, they are doing everything they can to support me.

Question 3 – Christy Butler
Would you recommend the forestry rally’s for young drivers to improve skills?

Yes, I would recommend the forestry rallies, you can learn good car control in the forestry and also gravel rallies are a lot more forgiving if you make a mistake so I believe they are the best way for a young driver to start.

Question 4 – Seamus McQuaid
If u were offered a car and stage of your choice. What would u pick??????????

I would love to drive the Citroen WRC car through Lankamma in Finland. Outside of the WRC stages, it would be good to have a go of Molls Gap in the car.

Question 5 – Brian Ó Fhiannachta
Hi Keith, keep up the good work! I have two questions.

1: Should you (hopefully) get the DS3 R5 prize drive, have you been preparing to work with the (expectedly) French Engineers? (learning technical terms etc)

I have worked with quite a few engineers over the years and I have learned a lot from them, which Im sure will be helpful if I do win the prize. However if it will be a French team, I would need to brush up on my French!!

2: From your experience of going through the varied forms of Pirelli Star Driver Schemes, is there any aspects that aren’t in the Billy Coleman scheme & should be?

The Billy Coleman scheme covers most aspects of the other schemes, the only thing that could could be added which is only done in the BRC Pirelli scheme, is that everyone drives an identical car on the same piece of road. This would come at a cost though, so financially it is would be very difficult to do.

Question 6 – Derek Sheeran
Are you signed up with any sports management group or have you looked into that as a way to maybe assist in getting the backing you need..?

There are very few sports management groups that work with rally drivers, and any of them that are there usually come at a cost. I have a small group of experienced business people working with me on a voluntary basis right now so they help on management.

Question 7 – Brian Boyd
What’s the best advice you would give a young driver starting out.

One of the most important parts of rallying is pace-notes. You need to make sure that you understand them and then drive to them as your navigator calls them out.

Question 8 – Alan O’ Sullivan
How is your mother for duck eggs? We would like the duck to lay more frequently.

I tell you what we need a lot of duck eggs rights now.!!!

Question 9 – Steven Ring
What’s your favourite home rally and what car would you love to drive in it ? All the best for the rest of the year Keith

The fastnet rally takes place right on my doorstep and I would have to say it is one of my favourites. I would love to drive the Citroen WRC car in it.

Question 10 – Lorcan Moore
Do you think that motorsport Ireland should give more to young talented drivers, because the Billy Coleman award is only €50,000 and realistically doesn’t get you very far in the world of stage rallying?

Motorsport Ireland is a pretty small organisation and I think they do the best they can with the resources they have. Yes, €50,000 is not a lot but it is a big help to a young person trying to climb the ladder even another 0 at the end of that figure wouldn’t be enough. You can spend a limitless amount of money on rallying.

Question 11 – Dave Leary
Out of all the group B cars, which would you choose for a home rally and why?

Audi Quattro, just because I love the piece of in car footage of Walter Rohl in that car. I always want to drive that car after watching it.

Question 12 – Lorcan Moore
Congratulations on your recent success and best of luck for the citroen top driver, how have you come so far, from cork, to the world rally championship?

It hasn’t been easy but it takes a lot of hard work andI have also built a good team of people around me because it would be impossible to do it on your own

Question 12 – Joe Hutchinson
Where do you think the best stages in the UK are?

My favourite stages are in Wales

Question 13 – Vinnie Boyd
What’s your favourite rally and your favourite stage?

Finland was awesone and I loved Lankamma

Question 14 – Fiona Nelson
What’s your favourite song ?????~~~~~~lol :):):)

I cant say that I have a favourite but I like anything from Mumford and Sons, Coronas, Foo fighters, Nickleback, to name but a few.

Question 15 – Brian Commons
Do you ever dream of being 20 years older and being able to drive in the height of the group B era? Of the group B cars which would have been your favourite ?

I think it would have been a brilliant era to have had the opportunity to drive in. I loved the Audi Quattro.

Question 16 – Lee Miles
In terms of overall rally experience what are Keiths top three rally locations and why??
Presume West Cork rally has to be No 1. :-))

West Cork…its where I have grown up and there are some brilliant stages here.
Wales…I just love the stages there.
Finland…Again I love the stages but also rallying is so popular there, the experience of competing there is like no other.

Question 17 – Diana Kirby
Does he have to make any changes or alterations to the car for the next rally in France ?

We will probably make a few small changes when we are testing there.

Question 18 – Niall McGreevy
Given the chance who would be his dream works team to drive for in the WRC?

I would have to say Citroen, doing this Citroen Top Driver Championship, I have got to know a lot of the people and I think they would be a great team to work with.

Question 19 – Tom Coughlan
Congrats Keith on your success and you are doing West Cork proud….who has been the most influential person in your career apart from Denis and your family?

There are quite a few but I don’t want to name anyone in particular

Question 20 – Brian Milne
What’s your view on the sports authority’s in Ireland they seem to help out competitors financially in every other sport bar motorsport, which is very unfair in my way if thinking..

Any Irish person competing at world level in any code of sport surely deserves the support of our sports authorities in Ireland.

Question 21 Rochie Ynwa Liverpool
How i can join n support u as u go on your way in the WRC as it not easy ?

We have set up a Supporters Club online where people can join and donate money. I would greatly appreciate any support

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